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Rebecca & Drew



Two prominent fashion designers have made a big splash in The Big Apple
with a new system of sizing tailored shirts. Rebecca & Drew
is based on the concept of sizing woman's shirts based on measurements, much
like men's shirts. Houstonian Lindsay Aronstein was so impressed with the
fit and feel of Rebecca & Drew clothing, she brought the brand to
Houston and opened shop in the River Oaks Shopping Center
(a few doors from the River Oaks theatre).

The sizing goes like this: First, it is determined if you are either:


Then, your bra size and height are added to the mix.The three
factors are combined to arrive at your Rebecca and Drew clothing size.
The goal here is to put everyone in a tailored shirt that really fits
-not too boxy, but with complete coverage across the chest.This is as close
to custom as it gets. This sizing system should totally eliminate gapotosis
-- that horrible condition caused by a shirt that is constantly
coming apart at the buttons.

We also love the fabrics -- they feel like pinpoint cotton oxford with a
little lycra for stretch. To even make it better, the shirts are hand
washable. Prices range from $175 to $195 for tailored cotton
shirts. Other items include shirtdresses, jumpers, slacks and skirts,
also with unique sizing. Hint -- we've seen the shirtdress worn as a
bathing suit cover up -- very cute.

As an added bonus, this clothing company is totally devoted
to the environment . Expect to have your purchases
wrapped in a reusable cloth bag.

Rebecca & Drew - 2015 West Gray - 713.522.7500



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