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Tiny Bubbles

For all the sparkling wine lovers, HHH found bubbly in a can. Francis Ford Coppola wineries has created, Sofia, blanc de blanc. Named for his daughter and film director, Sofia, the small red cans of sparkling white wine are perfect for the casual party or outdoor dining. Sofia Mini tastes a bit like fresh juicy pears, a little like summer melon, a little like refreshing citrus and honeysuckle. It has a little zest, a little spritz, perhaps a little glitz. Keep it in the fridge for an impromptu celebration! $5

Available online or at Specs.



The City Centre Ruggles Green is now open. They have the same menu as the original location on Alabama, offering delicious menu items that incorporate organic, all-natural, hormone-free, preservative-free, products. They strive to preserve the environment through their actions in recycling, conservation, the use of sustainable products, and simple common sense. This new location has a lovely outdoor seating area that borders one of the green spaces in the centre. We especially like the crab cakes!

Ruggles Green
801 Town and Country Blvd. 1B



The Museum of Printing History Evening-
A Place For All Types

Chairmen John Beddow and Russ Capper are pleased to announce an evening of cocktails, lite fare, and a raffle to honor Ralph Blumenthal, award winning New York Times journalist, and non-fiction author for the Museum of Printing History. The museum promotes, preserves, and shares the knowledge of printed communication and art as the greatest contributors to the development of the civilized world and the continuing advancement of freedom and literacy. Tickets begin at $150. For more information contact Jamie Grissom at 713-850-2116 or Jamie@franciscoandco.com.

The Museum of Printing History Evening
Friday September 24, 2010
Hotel ZaZa