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Healthy New Year!

Houston nutritionist and registered dietitian Carol Lapin,
has Five Steps to a Lifetime of Good Health.

New Years’ resolutions for a healthy body weight and fitness are achievable.
No short cuts or quick fixes—slow and steady wins the race.

  1. Be honest with yourself about your diet. Keep a log of what you eat and drink for one week. Find out what you should eat based on your height, weight and age at the USDA’s web site www.mypyramid.gov. To analyze your calorie count and nutrients, visit www.fitday.com.
  2. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains should dominate your plate. Eat fish, legumes and lean meats for protein.
  3. Go to the grocery store twice a week to stock up. Let fresh foods be your first choice.
    Ditch the fast food drive-through and eat at home.
  4. Learn to “snack healthy.” For the munchies, reach for nuts, low-fat yogurt, fruit or raw vegetables. Nuts, such as pistachios, provide healthy fats and valuable nutrients.
    Limit it to a handful.
  5. Exercise (power walking, biking, elliptical) for an hour every day. This can be broken up into 10 -15 minute segments to make it more doable. You will burn calories and reduce stress.

Diets don’t work; lifestyle changes do. The goal is to be healthy for a lifetime! Call Carol to kick start your healthy 2010.

Carol Lapin, Registered, Licensed Dietitian and Certified Sports Specialist in Dietetics


We've been told WONDERLAND is nothing short of wonderful. The musical is being co-produced by The Alley and will make it's premiere in Houston on January 15th. According to the Alley's web site, "The new production tells the story of Alice, a children’s book writer in Manhattan who is suffering through a creative block, estranged from her husband and alienated from her daughter. It takes a trip to a strange-yet-familiar Wonderland for her to regain her life’s balance and again find the love and everyday magic that reside in us all – if we know how to look." Recommended for general audiences. Previews start January 15th. Show opens January 20th and ends on February 14th.

The Alley Theatre


Boxing Day

Ornament Organizer and Storage Box

This heavy duty plastic wing-lid ornament storage box can store and protect up to 75 holiday ornaments. Inside, there are three layers of corrugated dividers. The box is stackable for compact storage of a large collection of ornaments in a garage or closet. Make decorating a little easier next year by getting organized this year. Available at The Container Store. $18