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Young or Old????

It's No. 7 on The New York Times best seller list and EVERYONE around H-town is chatting about it. Haven't you heard. . . How Not To Act Old, by Pamela Redmond Satran is a hilarious and insightful quick read describing the differences between the 20 something generation and those of us a tad older.

According to the author, "Not Acting Old is not the same as Acting Young. In fact, trying too hard to Act Young is one of the surest ways to Act Old." Ms. Satran further opines, "By Not Acting Old, I don’t mean that you go around showing off your abs, clubbing till dawn, and dating 22-year-olds. Yes, I’m talking to you, Bruce Willis." The point is to stay current, change a few things that might flag you as last century and to at least recognize behavior that screams over the hill -- even if you don't want to change it.

Behavioral tips include: Don't send e-mail -- the communication highway is now found on facebook and by texting. And please, don't count out exact change, just hand over the paper and keep the line moving. Don't ask for or give directions - that's what mapquest and GPS are for.

Glad to know the new rules?? You won't hear "you're welcome"
from us -- it's now "no problem".

How Not To Act Old
by Pamela Redmond Satran
$14.99 available at most bookstores


Meet, Greet and Eat Sushi

Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right? Or just Mr. or Ms. Right Now? RA Sushi is hosting a Meet Market and playing matchmaker for a night. If you are feeling shy, head over to the bar for a little liquid courage before scouting out your meet. Now you can peruse the restaurant for cuisine (and companionship). For all ages.

Thursday, September 3
7 pm - 11 pm

RA Sushi
Highland Village
3908 Westheimer Road

Sit. Stay. Tune In!

The Houston SPCA encourages all animal lovers to watch the 15th Annual Pet Telethon on Saturday, August 29th from 3-8pm. Broadcast locally on Houston's Channel 39, the Pet Telethon is one of our most popular and favorite fundraising events of the year thanks to the generosity and selfless nature of supporters like you! The heartfelt donations we receive provide food, shelter, medicine and other resources for thousands of homeless or injured animals each year.

So for a doggone good time, remember to watch the 2009 Pet Telethon on August 29th and help continue to be the voice of the voiceless!

Houston SPCA
900 Portway Dr.
713.869.SPCA (7722)


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