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Happy Fall!

Modern Widow’s Club Houston Chapter
Launches September 11

Natalie Lancaster, an executive with Stewart Title, became a widow three years ago after her husband’s lengthy illness. As she moved forward after his passing, she found a group called the Modern Widows Club. Natalie is launching the Houston chapter of MWC on September 11, 2014. Below is her story. If you know a widow of any age invite them to the launch of this organization.

“Being a widow is a unique journey. Losing your husband after a marriage, is like losing a piece of yourself. A part of you dies when they died. You are so accustomed to seeing yourself in the role of wife, partner soul mate and suddenly you find yourself standing alone, all alone. Maybe you have children, and maybe you don’t. No matter what you have had, it’s gone, lost forever, never to return. It seems so overwhelming, hopeless and the hardest part is that you no longer know WHO YOU ARE.. who am I without HIM??? Our identity has been a part of the marriage the partner that spouse for so long you have to try to find a way to find yourself, to recreate yourself to become a brand new you that you have never known, never met before. That’s where modern widows club comes in. It’s a social support club. We don’t have all the answers, but we have walked YOUR walk and we can Walk your walk with you. you don’t have to be alone.

When I found Carolyn Moor after an internet search deep in my grief, she saved me, she rescued me. The more she helped me grow out of despair and helped me walk into the light the more I know I had to lead a chapter for our city. We disparity needed it. I’m part of a Twins Club organization and out of 12 members we now have three widows. I was beginning to see widows all around me; all with different losses, different problems, different backgrounds, cultures, financial situations and they all desperately needed help. A hand to hold, a book to read, a financial planner to share and attorney to talk to a counselor – a friend. By being the chapter leader for Houston w/ my dear friend, co-lead Jana Phillips I plan to give hope to lend a hand to be that friend to someone who needs it so desperately. We don’t have all the answers but we can help you in your journey. If you’re a widow, please come and join us. Together we will move forward to be all that we were meant to be in our new life…”

Check out Natalie’s interview at

MWCH Launch
Thursday, September 11
6:00 pm
St. John the Divine Episcopal Church
2450 River Oaks Blvd.

For more information contact Natalie Lancaster at NLancast@Stewart.com


An HHH Fav on the
Emmy Runway: Jouer Cosmetics

“For tonight’s look we wanted to go more sultry than sweet, still somehow muted, yet in a very powerful way. You'll notice a very distinct Veruschka vibe (that famous model from the 60's), who was always made very tonal and shot in tans, sands, rich browns. She looked like a queen of the desert, an aspirational woman, and that's what I always want to create for Camila. Camila's hair is long and straight with a severe center part (almost like 70's Cher) and it was the perfect contrast to her white lacy dress. After prepping skin with La Mer Crème De La Mer, I applied Jouer Age-Repairing Perfector in No. 6 (Honey), contouring with No. 8 (Tan). I used Age-Repairing Concealer in No. 4 (Buff) where needed. The eyes were smoked in shades of tans and rich browns, defined eyes with Eye Definer in Noir. Jouer Powder Eyeshadow in Almond was applied all over lids using Powder Eyeshadow in Cappuccino in the crease. I used the Powder Eyeshadow in Caramel to highlight inner corners of eyes and Powder Eyeshadow in Crème under her brow to soften the liner. I finished with Jouer Everyday Effortless Mascara. I added a touch more bronze to Camila’s already beautiful skin with Jouer Mineral Powder Bronzer in Sunshine. Cheeks were a warmed by blending Jouer Tint in Bare and Mineral Powder Blush in Blossom. The look was finished with a creamy nude lip using Jouer Hydrating Lipstick in Gigi and Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Oasis.” – Mary Phillips

Hip & Haute Houston
How Dating Used To Be,
And Probably How It Should Still Be

By: Aaron Kaplan
Relationship & Divorce Coach, CTA-CC & Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator


When it comes to dating in this second decade of the 21st Century, it is rough out there!! Dating has become so complicated that it makes you wonder if idea of creating a committed relationship, much less marriage even stands a chance anymore. Thus, I propose several old-fashioned, approaches to dating that we should bring back, but with a modern twist:

Don’t Break Curfew

Okay, not for real, but knowing when to end a date is a really great thing. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and not want to go home; but overstaying your welcome can end up giving you both a feeling of being smothered. Besides, it’s nice getting that “miss” feeling, the anticipation of the next time you get to see each other! If every date turns into an all-nighter, you really miss out on that newly-dating-anticipation experience.

Keep your clothes on.

I don’t know when things became so sexually-prioritized! I feel like people meet and have sex before they even stop to figure out if they are into the other person. Take your time to figure out whether or not the person is a decent human being and thinks you are too.

Be a Cheap Date

No one ever said a date had to be dinner and/or a movie, no one ever said a date had to be expensive – the whole point of a date is to get to know each other and have a fun time. Dates once consisted of walks or a hike, long drives, many group hang-outs with friends, or just good conversation over coffee and donuts.

Put your Phone Away

I can’t imagine not having my cell phone with me at all times, let alone having one line per household. No texting, no sexting, no late night picture messages, facebook posts, twitter jokes, etc. You used to call someone up, made a plan and met in person – and talked in person. I think it’s a great tip for getting to know someone. It goes back to the interaction-overload, when you’re constantly connected you don’t value the time you spend together as much. More so… do I even have to say it… when you’re on a date – keep your iPhone in your pocket (and on silent!). What it boils down to is being in the moment and respecting each other enough to actually get to know one another. Without distractions…without sex…and without needing to prove something.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your head about how to be “perfect” or use the right “techniques”…but really all any of us want is to be with someone with whom we can truly be ourselves with,.

And being “old school” will do just that.

Houston Philanthropy

SBEF hosts school supplies drive
4,000 students find supplies waiting on the first day of school

Becky and Patty Busmire ready 13 pallets of student
supplies to deliver to 29 SBISD schools.

“It’s a back-to-school tradition,” said Kim Lewis, mother of four and National Charity League (NCL) volunteer. Each year, Lewis and her daughters, one a student at Memorial Middle School and three enrolled at Stratford High School, gather in the Spring Branch ISD board room to sort and distribute school supplies for SBISD’s economically disadvantaged students. The school supply drive is sponsored by Spring Branch Education Foundation (SBEF) and spearheaded by Patty and Becky Busmire. The event is a Busmire family tradition as well. “Becky and I first got involved in 2006. She was in the seventh grade, and it was one of our first NCL activities. We were hooked and offered to take it on as a joint project. Now it’s our last summer activity before Becky returns to college,” Patty said. Patty Busmire is an SBEF board member and chair of the Foundation’s Special Events committee. Becky is a junior at St. Edwards University in Austin, TX. They were joined in their efforts by members of the National Charity League, Alpha Charity Group, National Honor Societies from Memorial and Stratford High Schools and the Memorial Mustang Outreach Bunch. “Each year, we wonder where we’ll get the supplies,” Patty Busmire said. “And each year, it comes like manna from heaven. This year, employees of Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center were very generous in an employee drive. We received monetary gifts from Wells Fargo, the Northwest Harris County Retired Educators’ Association and a large number of individuals.” The Busmire Family Foundation also contributes to the drive. Once the supplies were assembled, they were delivered to 29 SBISD schools where they were available to 4,000 students on the first day of school. Up to 60 percent of SBISD students are considered economically disadvantaged, a number that reflects the students eligible for free and reduced meal programs.

Check our calendar to plan your
social and shopping schedule!

September 10

Bayoutopia Gala Kickoff hosted by Tootsies
featuring designer Josie Natori
host committee:Mariana Green and Dan Searight, Frances and Nick Stephens, Laurie and Doug VanderPloeg

Adara Medical Spa grand opening
6-8 pm
benefiting Latin Women’s Initiative

September 18

Premiere of “Healing Magdalene” by Valvisions Foundation
River Oaks Theatre
Q&A with filmmaker Donna L. Valverde following screening
for info contact Rashena Flagg 832-595-2455

September 19

Golf Glamour and Games of Chance
Immunization Partnership’s annual fundraiser
Chairs Rachel and Tom Regan
for tickets contact Julie Comiskey jcomiskey@immunizeUSA.org, 281.400.3689

October 24

Children at Risk Accolades Luncheon
Hotel Zaza
contact Shannon Nunez 713.869.7740 snunez@childrenatrisk.org

September 26

Opera in the Heights first Fall production Rigoletto

October 25

SBEF Legacies of Spring Branch Gala
contact Elaine Mayo at ereeder.mayo@gmail.com

November 5

Advocate for Art benefiting the Childrens Assessment Center
contact Aubre Barr at Aubre.Barr@cac.hctx.net

November 19-23

Theta Charity Antiques Show
Thursday, November 20, 6 pm Robert Wittman FBI agent who started the Art Crimes division will speak and sign his book, Priceless

November 20

SBEF luncheon and fashion show featuring designer Trina Turk
contact Elaine Mayo at ereeder.mayo@gmail.com