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A Tisket a Tasket or,



Are you rushing out the door only to realize you need to make a quick handbag switch-a-roo? Are you constantly digging in your designer carryall for your keys, a pen or a tic tac? Does your oversize bag need a little shape after all the in-store stuffing has been taken out? We've got you covered! Or, at least the inside of your handbag and carryall.

Purseket is a removable, flexible cloth panel of pockets which forms an extra lining around the inside perimeter of any purse or tote. It easily slips in and out of handbags, compartmentalizing sunglasses, keys, cell phones and PDAs, spare change, and other loose items. The center of the handbag is left free for larger items such as wallets, calendars and make-up cases.

The organizer is available in small, medium and large sizes and a variety of fabric designs are offered. Prices range from $20 to $25. Don't be surprised to see one in every handbag -- Pursekets have been featured on Oprah, The View and The Today Show.

Pursekets are available at the Container Store (originally priced at $19.99, now reduced to $14.99) and on-line at www.purseket.com.



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