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Delicious food made the old-fashioned way in small batches with ingredients straight
from the farm. A member of Slow Food USA, Relish supports the slow food movement, obtains
the freshest ingredients through local producers and carries quality products and specialty
items not found in typical supermarkets. Pop in, grab a bite, sit at the counter and watch
the River Oaks world pass by.

3951 San Felipe

So Cool

They are the latest, designed in part by Lady Gaga herself. Beats headphones use the most advanced technology and provide the thrill of hearing tiny details in songs just as the artist intended. When you select the color red, a portion of the proceeds benefit the fight against AIDS. $229. Available at Apple stores and online.


Cream Cheese Biscuits

Biscuits like you’ve never tasted before! We’re told the trick is in the layers of cream cheese and butter. Robinhood Meetinghouse biscuits puff up in the oven and look like you have been baking all morning. We won’t tell, if you won’t. Available at Central Market and Whole Foods and online.