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A Cup Of Friendship

The Women’s Home, the non-profit organization helping women in crisis regain their self-esteem and dignity, empowering them to return to society as productive, self-sufficient individuals is launching the Sue and Lester Smith Luncheon Series with best selling author, Deborah Rodriguez, launching her new book, A Cup of Friendship. Ms. Rodriguez is a hairdresser who wrote the best seller, Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil.

Tuesday, January 25
11:30 am
The Women’s Home Partnership 2011
Lester and Sue Smith Luncheon Series
Tickets $35/Partnership members and $40/non-members.
Houstonian Hotel

The Eyes Have it

For those of us who plucked, waxed and tweezed too many eyebrows to the point of no return, a product has come on the market to restore lush, thick brows. It takes 30 days of nightly applications for results. Also works for those who never had brows to begin with. A little pricey at $100 (a six week supply), but worth it to have full brows, making you look younger! Available at Saks.



Houston: 1860-1900

How did our hometown become a city worthy of Sam Houston’s name? Houston author and bookseller Ann Dunphy Becker (Ann owns Becker's Books) chronicles it all in her new book Houston: 1860-1900, a photographic essay that chronicles Houston's rise out of the mud and mayhem of its humble frontier beginnings with a look back at that crucial period in the evolution of the fourth largest city in the United States. List price $22. Available at Amazon.com and at Becker’s Books. For more information on Becker’s Books, go to www.houstonbooks.com.


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