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No Kidding. . . a Skinny Margarita!

Bellaire mom, Lucy Corona, wanted a great tasting Margarita that didn’t have 500 calories. After sampling every low-calorie mix she could find, she discovered that most of them taste like “drinking bad perfume”. That is when Lucy decided to develop her own great tasting low calorie margarita mix. Thus SlimRitas was born. Finally, there is a fresh juice margarita mix that uses zero calorie natural sweeteners and has no diet after taste. Sample slimritas at the Houstonian Hotel and Taco Milagro, or pick up the bottled mix at Richard’s Fine Wines and Liquors.


Get Cooking!


It’s a New Year and time to brush up on (or develop?) cooking skills. Learn how to slice, chop, roast and saute your way to a romantic Italian feast, international soups and stews, dishes from Spain, spicy Thai dishes and flavors from the Big Easy. During the month of February, Sur La Table, located in CityCenter, will get you cooking all this and more! Prices start at $69 per person. For more information, go to www.surlatable.com or call 1.800.243.0852

Barefoot Contessa, How Easy is That?

Like all of Ina Garten’s cookbooks, How Easy is That? includes potography at its best portraying an idyllic life in the Hamptons (it’s not Texas, but it looks pretty nice). If you do more than just read cookbooks, try the lemon chicken and old fashion banana cake. Delish! Availale at area bookstores and at amazon.com.

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